As we all age, one of the first things we tend to notice is how much less toned our faces become. Short of plastic surgery, there has been little we can do about it until now. Until the invention of the Dermawand that is. In fact, the Dermawand is such a handy little device, it has quickly become one of the most popular inventions when it comes to toning skin and reducing the size of pores. The Dermawand may just work for you too. Will the Dermawand tone your skin? -- One of the first reasons you may be considering buying the Dermawand is because of your skin tone. As we age, our skin becomes less toned and, thus, makes us look older. Will the Dermawand actually tone your skin, or will it just be a waste of money? All you need to do to find out about this important fact is to read the latest batch of online reviews about the device, written by people who used it. If you do, you will notice most of them are raving about how much better their skin tone is and how much younger their face looks. If it works for everyone else that uses it on a consistent basis, there is no reason to suppose it will not work for you. How to make the Dermawand tone your skin? -- The secret to getting the best results with the device, however, is to make sure you use it every day. If you do, you will usually see a difference in your skin tone and in the size of your pores within a month. Keep using it every day, and the improvements will keep compounding until, after three to four months, your skin and your face will look better than they ever have looked.