DermWand Device

Derawand is a device, similar to larger machines used by physicians to simulate the patient's skin, resulting in a tighter, younger looking skin. These machines, work with radio frequenices, delivering pulses to the skin to provide oxygen to the skin. The DermWand is a small device, designed and engineered for the same results to the skin, like the more expensive machines physicians used for skin treatments. The advantage to the consumer is lower costs, and the conivenence of just having to take a few minutes a day to perform the treatments in your home.

The DermWand Application-How Do I Use the Device

Using the device daily is a 3 to 5 minute process. First of all, it is essential before using the DermWand device that your skin be throughly clean and dry. Using the device, start on the minumim setting at first. Accerlate the settings as your skin gets uaed to the effects of the device, being careful not to irritate the skin by using too high a setting. After a few minutes of use, apply moisturiser to your skin. Then, if needed, you can use the device on the skin again. On your eye area, be careful and use just the lowest setting. As the manufacturer suggests, dicontinue use if you exprience peeling of the skin that is excessive, redness that does not fade, or a continued drying of the skin. Under the manufacturer guidelines, users who have pacemakers, dianoged for a skin condition, or have or prone to broken blood vessels should not use DermWand.

Where to Buy DermWand

DermWand is sold on line through their website and is also available for sale on Amazon. The Dermawand website does offer a 30 day trail of their product. If not satisfied within the 30 day trail, the kit can be returned and the customer will receive a full refund.