What is the DermaWand?

The DermaWand is a small cosmetic tool that utilizes low-voltage electric pulses as a way to massage your skin with the end result being youthful looking skin. The DermaWand uses these noninvasive electric impulses to cause your skin to be invigorated and increases the blood flow at the surface level of the skin. This increased blood flow allows skin a chance to rejuvenate and helps your skin eliminate imperfections such as blackheads. Using radiofrequency technology gives the user a chance to target and minimize problem skin areas such as wrinkles, puffy eyes, and saggy skin.

Maximizing the Benefits of the DermaWand

To see the highest quality results when using a Dermawand, make sure that your skin is completely dry after thoroughly cleansing it. Don’t be surprised by the strange sensations that you may feel during your first several uses. Strange sensations and even hearing a sizzling sound, simply means that it is operating in the way that it was designed to do. If possible, you should also use the pretreatment gel that is available with the DermaWand to increase your level of positive results. Use the DermaWand 2 times daily for a total of 8 minutes to see your wrinkles and blackheads quickly disappear. Do keep in mind that if you experience major discomfort, that you may want to discontinue use for a few days.

Where to Purchase DermaWand

You may be able to find the DermaWand in a multitude of locations; however, in order to make sure that you purchase a real, quality DermaWand it is advised that you purchase it from an authorized dealer such as Amazon. This cosmetic tool is cost-effective and you can purchase it risk-free.